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BDO has the most satisfied customers in the audit industry

13 May 2019

For the tenth time, the consulting and auditing firm BDO has the most satisfied customers in
the audit industry. This is what this year’s survey from the Swedish EPSI Rating Group shows.
The audit industry has the highest confidence among all industries.

“We are extremely proud and pleased about the fact that BDO, for the tenth time, has the
industry’s most satisfied customers. It is an acknowledgement that our employees are committed to
highly engage in each assignment and to build strong relationships with our customers,” says Malin
Nilsson, CEO of BDO Sweden.

The EPSI industry study measures how satisfied consumers of auditing services are with Swedish
auditing agencies. This year’s measurement gave BDO an index of 77.3. It is the highest value of all
auditing agencies and an improvement from last year’s results of 76.3. The industry average for
auditing agencies for the year was 72.8. 

“We want to contribute to a well-functioning economy where companies trust each other. That's
why we're driven to support companies throughout their development and to help them make the
right choices,” says Malin Nilsson. 

The customer service experience has been a part of the BDO strategy for a long time. As many of
the traditional services in the audit industry are digitized and automated, demand for a personal
service increases, making high demands on employees.

“We work with structured recruitment to employ engaged employees who can develop and have fun
at work. A tenth first place in the Swedish EPSI industry study customer survey shows that we have
succeeded,” says Malin Nilsson.

The EPSI industry study also measures the trust of different industries and the audit industry has the
highest confidence over all. The confidence index for the audit industry is 75.9. It can be compared
to the insurance industry that received 64.0, government, 58.3, and banks, 54.4.

For more information please contact: 
Malin Nilsson, CEO
Email: [email protected], Tel: 010-171 50 00

Facts: EPSI Industry Study
The EPSI Industry Study measures how satisfied consumers of auditing services are with Swedish auditing
agencies. The index is based on interviews with customers. The maximum value of the index is 100, the lowest
is 0. The EPSI industry study has been conducted every year since 2007. This year’s survey was conducted
during March and April 2019 and is based on 1,671 interviews.

1. BDO: 77.3
2. Other 74.9
3. Mazars: 74.7
4. Grant Thornton, 74.3
5. KPMG: 74.3
6. PwC: 73.4
7. EY: 72.3
8. Deloitte: 66.1
Industry average: 72.8

Read more about the study on the Swedish EPSI Rating Group website here.

About BDO
BDO is one of Sweden's leading audit & consulting companies which offers a wide range of services in the areas of Consultancy, Audit, Tax and Business Services. We have around 700 employees and can be found in 20+ citiesaround the country. BDO International is the world's fifth largest auditing and consulting company with over 73,000 employees distributed over 1,500 offices in around 160 countries. According to the Swedish EPSI Rating Group, BDO has Sweden's most satisfied customers.