Payroll services

We know the importance of paying correct salaries on time

It is increasingly common to hire an agency to handle salaries – a more secure and cost-effective solution in most cases.

BDO’s experienced payroll advisors handle payroll administration for Swedish and international companies with one to several hundred employees. We use modern systems both for payroll preparation and for time and travel expense reporting. We can also help with interpreting agreements and laws, while payroll processes are quality-assured and made efficient. 

With BDO’s payroll team, you get an active partner who reduces costs and simplifies your company’s payroll management.

Do you pay correct salaries?

Paying correct salaries on time is as important for you as an employer as it is for the employees. We help you optimise the reliability of your payroll management. All payroll consultants at BDO work exclusively with payroll and thus have cutting-edge expertise in this area. 

You can outsource the entire payroll management, or alternatively engage us for on-site assistance. At BDO we also offer complete solutions ranging from the ongoing accounts to tax advice and financial statements. 

Quality-assuring your payroll management

We review the processes and procedures to quality-assure your payroll management and identify any deficiencies. We perform a thorough review of the previous year’s salary specifications in which we check that laws and any collective agreements are complied with. We also check holiday pay liability and the structure of the payroll system. When the checks are completed we deliver a report that can help improve the efficiency and quality assurance of the company’s payroll management. 

We can help you with:

  • Ongoing payroll management
  • Streamlining procedures and processes
  • Quality controls
  • Holiday year end
  • Year-end procedures
  • Statistics, internal and external
  • Company-specific reports
  • Bank payments
  • VAT/PAYE representative
  • Pension reporting
  • Salary reviews
  • Review of payroll processes