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At BDO, both in Sweden and internationally, we talk about a special BDO spirit. But what does that mean? And what is it like working and building a career in a relationship-driven organisation in which outstanding service is the guiding star? You will find the answers on our career pages.

Same, same but nicer.

From the perspective of areas of expertise and possible career paths, BDO may not be so different to other major international audit and accounting firms. However, what you will not find anywhere else are the most satisfied customers in the industry. Or the friendly atmosphere that makes BDO what it is.

As a workplace, BDO is characterised by a slightly more relaxed and familiar atmosphere than is normally expected in our industry. We also have an uncommonly flat organisation and a culture that promotes cooperation – between colleagues, across sector boundaries and within our global organisation.

We believe in early customer contact.

At BDO we understand that the audit industry is just as much a relationship industry. So with us, you don't have to wait an unnecessary amount of time before you start cultivating your own customer relationships. As a new employee, you will be involved early on in the entire client process and will be given the opportunity to work closely with our customers. Our broad range of services allow us to assist the customer on many levels. This ensures that you, the team you are working in and we as an agency all have the opportunity to grow. 

If you are a talented relationship creator and have your wits about you – and perhaps a touch of impatience too... Then BDO is right for you. If you also have a head for business, we are convinced that you'll go even further.

There's nothing standing in your way.

Our customers, who are often owner-managed, appreciate our commitment and ability to understand their needs and day-to-day operations. We don't complicate things unnecessarily. Plain speaking is a common denominator for all our employees and our vision is equally clear. Everyone knows what they need to contribute to ensure BDO has the most satisfied customers in the industry.

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