Doing business in Sweden

Establishment of companies in Sweden

Starting a company is an exciting and complex process. For international companies, establishing themselves in the Swedish market can be both complicated and time consuming. Tax rules, choice of business structure, setting up systems and ensuring compliance are just a selection of the tasks to be handled. We can help make establishment in Sweden simple and manageable by creating an overview of the entire start-up process.

Get a good start on the Swedish market

We make sure that foreign companies get the right start on the Swedish market.With offices in more than 165 countries worldwide, we are the obvious business partner, and we can ensure that you comply with all applicable rules and laws both in Sweden and abroad.
We can help you with the following tasks tailored to your needs:
  • International tax
  • Advice on foreign labor
  • Registration of operations in Sweden
  • Advice and help with work and residence permits
  • Payroll services
  • Customs and VAT
  • Accounting
  • Audit and assurance