BDO Global

We provide the same services globally as in Sweden; advisory, audit, tax and business services. Through BDO Global, for example, we look after your foreign subsidiaries and guarantee the same high level of service as with BDO in Sweden, wherever you are operating from.

A large part of our Swedish company provides advisory and audit services for Swedish subsidiaries of a foreign parent company. The parent companies are often publicly listed in their home countries and BDO is also in many cases the auditor of the parent company. These services cover everything from statutory Swedish audits to audits complying with US audit principles. BDO Sweden is registered with PCAOB which is a US supervisory body. This ensures that we can act as auditors to companies listed on a US stock exchange and to US-listed companies’ Swedish subsidiaries.

To remain at the forefront and stay updated on the very latest developments in each business area internationally, our colleagues regularly participate in various training activities in the fields of advisory, audit, tax and business services. We also regularly send our employees on secondments to BDO offices around the world, which is a valuable and expertise enriching experience for both our company and our employees.