Our accounting consultants will help you with all or part of the financial administration of the company. Through our services, you get more out of your accounting and can use it as an instrument in the business.

Thanks to our digital platform, the BDO office, you have access to everything involving the company’s finances via your computer, iPad or mobile phone. You can access financial reports and associated graphical analyses while attesting supplier invoices. You can also communicate with your accounting consultant and access important company documents such as annual reports, income tax returns and registration documents. Our accounting experts will be happy to help with various kinds of follow-up to optimise your business. You choose the areas that we should assist you with.

Accounting is a collective term that includes the following services:
•    Ongoing book keeping
•    Suppliers’ ledger management
•    Invoice and sales ledger management
•    VAT, real estate and international accounting
•    Tax returns
•    Interim accounts 

Ongoing book keeping

With the growth of international trade, ongoing accounting has become considerably more complex. Laws and regulations in the accounting field today are numerous and often complicated.

You can transfer all or part of your accounting to one of our experienced accountancy consultants. That way you can work on the areas that suit you best. As our customer you get access to the BDO office, which includes all the digital accounting tools. Naturally, we also offer multi-dimensional accounting options such as project accounting for better monitoring and control of operations. 

Supplier invoice management

Traditional supplier invoice management involves several steps: opening of post, copying, arrival registration, coding, authorisation and final booking. With electronic processing of supplier invoices, the steps are reduced to just coding and authorisation. Handling is more efficient and secure. And most important of all you don’t need to be at the office. You can authorise your invoices at any time and anywhere as long as there is internet access. Whether you want traditional or electronic management of your supplier invoices, you can be sure that our accounting consultants are efficient and reliable.

Invoicing and sales ledger

We can share the tasks. At BDO we can invoice after you have registered a quotation or order in the accounting system, and together we follow the invoice into the sales ledger. The invoice is monitored in the sales ledger and deregistered by you or us as soon as it is paid. In our invoicing function it is possible to send reminders and demands. If you choose to handle the invoicing, our task could be to reconcile the status of the sales ledger at the end of each month.

VAT accounting

We help you to prepare a correct VAT return in time, irrespective of whether your company reports VAT on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Property accounting

If you have a property management company, large or small, we at BDO can assist you with continuous accounting in accordance with the FASTBAS accounting plan. Together, we work in web-based accounting or ERP system to maintain control of all aspects of the accounting process.

For a valuation of your property portfolio, we can produce underlying accounting data for the property appraisers.

International accounting

Many of our customers’ companies have links with other countries. We therefore often work with Swedish subsidiaries and branch accounts. With bridges from Swedish accounting, we link the reporting to other countries, for example, US GAAP and IFRS.

Our expertise and our network extend far beyond national borders. BDO Sweden is part of BDO’s global network, BDO International. Through this, we have a productive exchange in which we support each other in customer assignments that extend across national borders.

Tax returns

At BDO we can also help you with tax returns for reporting taxes and charges linked to salaries.

Interim accounts

Many companies compile interim accounts during the financial year for better control and monitoring of the company’s result and financial position. Here we can help you with the areas you want.


In the digital BDO office we provide powerful reporting and analysis tools. Your options for choosing how you want to present the company’s finances are endless – from stylish visual graphs to classic financial report documents. You have access to over 160 financial ratios with which to analyse and develop your business.