BDO remains the most highly trusted in the industry even during this year characterised by the pandemic

In this year’s customer satisfaction survey of the auditing industry, it is clear that the current pandemic has changed the playing field, just as in other parts of society. Changing customer needs, accelerated digitalisation and demands for an enhanced level of service are challenging the industry. In this year’s survey, BDO comes out on top.

Today, Swedish EPSI Rating Group presents the auditing companies found to have the most satisfied customers in the industry. In the auditing industry, BDO has had the most satisfied customers since 2013. In this year characterised by the Corona virus pandemic, the role of adviser has proven significant. Customer care and pro-activity have been discerned as particularly important factors driving customer satisfaction in this year’s survey.

“We were quick to switch to digital and interactive meeting formats, in which we as a company have had the opportunity to raise our sights and pose questions concerning how we can stay relevant to our customers’ needs and how we can help them develop through this tough period,” says Malin Nilsson, CEO of BDO in Sweden.

The auditing industry has a high level of customer satisfaction compared to many other sectors. Swedish EPSI Rating Group surveys satisfaction among buyers of auditing services from Swedish auditing firms. BDO achieves an index of 74.7, the highest value in this year’s survey.

  • The fact that we have the most satisfied customers in the industry is of course a result of our strong corporate culture, which not only means that we come out on top in individual years, but that we also enjoy a high degree of trust over time. Our employees’ high level of commitment, combined with the relevant services we offer, builds strong customer relationships. This requires us to develop not only our own skills but also our working methods. Smart digitization, for example – creating space for more advanced advice that develops our customers’ operations and enables us to encounter and interact with customers in new ways. Clearly, it is the work our employees do every day, in contact with our customers, that has resulting in today’s great announcement,” says Malin Nilsson.

This year’s industry average, however, shows a slight decrease from last year by 1.2 units to 70.9.

“For entrepreneurs, running a forward-looking business requires a complete focus on the operations, while the world around them grows increasingly complex. This is a challenge and having good advisers around you is a success factor. By remaining responsive to our customers and curious about them, I believe we have every opportunity to retain a continued high level of trust,” says Malin Nilsson.

For a number of years now, Swedish EPSI Rating Group has been measuring how customers perceive the firms’ sustainability work and how this affects their satisfaction and loyalty. It has been affirmed that issues of sustainability are important to the industry’s customers. The results vary greatly between individual companies and customer segments, although BDO and PwC scored highest in the sustainability index.

“For us, it has been important to consider our sustainability work as a natural part of our overall business strategy and to integrate it into our operational management. As a consulting and auditing firm, we play an important role in contributing to business practices characterised by a high degree of business ethics, healthy competition and an inclusive approach. By being a business partner to companies on their journey of development in an increasingly digitalized market, we contribute to business models that are sustainable in the long term,” says Malin Nilsson.

Facts: Swedish EPSI industry study

Swedish EPSI Rating Group surveys satisfaction among buyers of auditing services from Swedish auditing firms. The index is based on customer interviews. The highest achievable index value is 100, and the lowest is 0. Values above 75 indicate a strong relationship between company and customer. Swedish EPSI Rating Group has conducted the survey annually since 2007. The 2021 survey was conducted in March and April and is based on 1,816 interviews.

Read more about the study on Swedish EPSI Rating Group’s website here.


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