VAT and excise taxes

Tax affects virtually all businesses and organisations

Many people find the VAT rules chaotic and unclear. But it is a tax that affects virtually all businesses and organisations.


Do you have a firm grasp of your VAT?

Thanks to our strong network both in Sweden and internationally, our advisors can help you with Swedish and international issues.


From analysis to enlightenment

We conduct analyses and studies to cover all your difficulties and ambitions. With a passion for VAT matters and broad expertise, we can help your business with all forms of VAT issues.


We can help you with the following VAT issues

  • Purchase and sale of goods and services
  • The right to deduct input VAT
  • Property-related VAT 
  • Financial services liable for VAT
  • Start-ups abroad
  • VAT registration and ongoing reporting of VAT in Sweden
  • Support in VAT processes
  • VAT training

Excise taxes

Excise taxes are taxes on selected products or services. The regulations for excise taxes are often considered difficult to understand, which makes practical application difficult.

Examples of Swedish excise taxes:

  • Alcohol tax
  • Tobacco tax
  • Tax on advertising
  • Environment tax
  • Energy tax