About the service

BDO-portalen makes your accounting easier, faster and safer. Decide for yourself which parts of your financial management you want help with.

Figures are updated in real time

Our powerful reporting and analysis tool allows you to quickly and easily access a clear overview which gives you a solid basis for decision-making. With this tool you can see financial information graphically, which is more transparent and looks great.

Forget complicated balance sheets and performance reports. Now you can easily generate new reports whilst sitting in a meeting as you can control 160 different financial ratios over selected periods. Based on the graphs you can track individual transactions and invoice images. This allows you to see exactly how each business event affects the company’s performance and development. Which makes operations easier to control in line with your defined objectives.

Effective accounting

In BDO-portalen you can manage both supplier invoices and customer invoices. Receipts are handled electronically too. The employee takes a picture of their receipt using their smartphone and sends it to us for further electronic processing in the accounting system.

Financial management is therefore easier, faster and safer. This means you have better control of your invoices and the authorisation process is faster. With our automated reminders and a clear overview you can be certain that your payments will go out on time. The digital archives keep your invoices in order and save on paper and therefore the environment.

We are where you are

The portal allows you to easily maintain direct dialogue with your contact at BDO and utilise our services for the purposes you require. All you need to access BDO-portalen is an internet connection. The service is available in both web and app form. No investment in software, storage or maintenance is required of you.