In times of crisis the audit firms play a central role - BDO has the most satisfied customers in the industry again

For the 11:th consecutive year, BDO has the most satisfied customers in the audit industry, according to the newly released Swedish EPSI industry survey. The result is increasing from the index 77 to 83.7.

The survey shows that the audit industry has handled the past year, which was characterized by economic recession and inflation, very well. The distance to BDO's top position is increasing, but all firms receive improved reviews from their customers. This does not only apply to how satisfied the customers are, but improvements can be seen in several parameters.

Malin Nilsson, CEO at BDO, is happy and proud to have received the news that BDO has the highest customer satisfaction.

"We are well aware of the challenges our customers face and by responding to critical business needs with competence and building close relations, I believe we succeed in exceeding what our customers expect," she says.

It seems that the pandemic and the current economic situation have brought the audit firms closer to the customers on several levels. That the agencies pay attention and offer services that the customers actually demand, combined with a strong personal relation. These are some of the conclusions after analyzing the year's results.

— I am extremely proud of what we achieve within BDO and the survey result is a proof of our success. We invest a lot in our employees, in digitalization and our culture, and it pays off. In the end, it's about what our employees deliver every day in terms of competence and engagement for our customer’s businesses. This provides high quality and creates trust in us as a supplier, both from our customers point of view and other stakeholders.

In many industries where the Swedish EPSI Rating Group measures the relationship with business customers, the personal engagement is precisely the key to high customer satisfaction. It is something that has been challenged in recent years with increased digitalization in several parts of society.

— We must of course take advantage of the opportunities that the digital development creates and prioritize how our customer experiences our services in all contact areas. Personal, simple and sustainable all the way is the key, says Malin Nilsson.

EPSI Rating Group measures how satisfied buyers of audit services are with Swedish audit firms. The auditing industry has a high level of customer satisfaction compared to many other industries. The industry average continues to increase in this year's survey by 3.4 units and rises from 72.4 to 75.8.

Isabelle Nagy is an analyst at EPSI Rating Group.

— Understanding of the customer's industry and challenges has been strengthened. By being familiar with industry trends and challenges, audit firms can better help the client needs and meet their specific goals. BDO's high customer satisfaction is no coincidence but a result of the supplier living up to the customers' high demands and expectations year after year, she says.


Facts: Swedish Epsi Rating Industry Study

The Swedish EPSI Rating Group measures how satisfied buyers of audit services are with Swedish audit firms. The index is based on interviews with customers. The highest possible value in the index is 100, the lowest is 0. Scores above 75 indicate a strong relationship between company and customer. SKI has conducted the survey every year since 2007. This year's survey took place in April and May 2023 and is based on interviews.



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