• Chinese Companies doing business in Sweden

Chinese Companies doing business in Sweden


As a starting point for exploiting the European market, Sweden is becoming an increasingly attractive location for more and more Chinese companies. We can support you and your business in all matters regarding founding and establishing a company in Sweden and help you make your business in Sweden a success.


We can advise you on the following issues:
•Acquisition of companies
•IPOs of Chinese companies on the Stock Market

Start ups


Our start-up services in Sweden:
•Advice regarding choice of legal form
•Start-up support (preparation of contracts, registration with the relevant local government department
•Design and review of business plans
•Assistance in obtaining residence and work permits
•Advice on and audit of EDP systems and IT security
•Day-to-day tax consulting

Day-to-day Tax and Consulting Services

We can guide you through the legal and administrative process of company formation including advising on a structure to suit your needs.

We can assist with setting up a bank account, finding a local office address and all related matters.

We can provide services in respect of the maintenance of accounting books and records in the Chinese language. In China, audits must be carried out by an independent firm and we can assist with the selection of such a firm.

We can provide advice in respect of expatriate taxation and local employment law.

We can advise on all aspects of the taxes that will apply to your operations in China. These include direct and indirect taxes (Enterprise Income Tax, VAT, Business Tax, Consumption Tax, Embankment Protection Fees, Urban Maintenance and Construction Tax, Education Surcharge and Local Education Surcharge) and payroll taxes (Employment Tax and Social Security and Housing Fund Contributions). We can assist with completion and filing of the appropriate returns and advise you of payments to be made.

We can provide advice on Stamp Duty.

We can provide advice in respect of the Foreign Exchange Control regulations.

 所有贵方在中国经营产生的税务事务,本所均可提供咨询服务,包括直接和间接税务(企业所得税、增值税、营业税、消费税、堤防费、城市维护和建设税、教育附加费和地方教育附加费)以及工资税(雇佣税、社会保险和住房公基金)。 本所可以协助贵方完成和提交相关报税表,并且通知贵方需缴纳款项。

Our range of services includes:

•Company Secretarial
•Filings with appropriate government department

•注册 •Registration with appropriate government department
•Corporation Tax
•Salary withholding tax
•Social security contributions

•Financial Statements
•审计 •Requirement due to size or sector

•Tax Returns

Company acquisition

Our services for takeovers or acquisition of interests in companies in Sweden:
•Company valuation, due diligence investigation and M&A consulting
•Tax optimization of acquisition structure
•Support in acquisition and sale of companies

IPO of Chinese companies on the local Stock Exchange


Our services in connection with listings of Chinese companies on the local Stock Exchange:


Prior to the IPO

•Reorganisation of internal and external reporting in compliance with the requirements of the London market
•Implementation of management information and risk management systems
•Selection of sponsor/nominated adviser
•Review of taxation structure
•Implementation of share options schemes

Accompanying the IPO

•Identification of suitable non-executive directors
•Undertaking the financial due diligence likely to be required, including a long form report, working capital report, and report on the last three years’ financial statements