• Valuations


Correct valuation is the foundation for your investment decisions

Whatever strategic decision you face or type of advice you need in connection with a business transaction, we help you with all the aspects of financial review and consultation customised for your needs.

By providing information and help in strategic planning and important investment decisions, our valuation experts contribute considerable value to the company, its directors, management and shareholders.

Today, valuations have many different purposes. They are used in connection with the purchase and sale of companies or shares, in transactions and buying out partners, restructuring, or in connection with generational transition and the design of incentive schemes. It is a complex process which is guided by several different components that need to be considered. It has therefore become even more important to have competent, experienced advisers who can provide an independent analysis of the assessed value regardless of the situation or purpose. 

We help you develop decision support documentation in the following situations:
•    Disposal of all shares
•    Sale of business operations
•    Company acquisitions
•    Intra-group restructurings
•    Management Buy-outs
•    Valuations in connection with disputes and arbitration
•    Redemption of shares
•    Assessment of the need for impairment in accounts
•    Design of incentive programmes