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Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

The right strategy for your Corporate Transactions. Your challenges are our expertise.

Corporate Transactions

BDO's advisers will help you through the entire process of acquisition or disposal of all or part of the business. Our team has long experience of helping customers prepare businesses for sale, and providing advice on strategy and tactics in the implementation.

Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) - Sales, acquisitions and mergers

In a sale process, we look for buyers both in the national and international markets by effectively utilising our national contact networks and BDO's global platform. The sale process involves several phases in which we take responsibility for the entire process from identifying potential buyers and creating the documentation (Information Memorandum, IM) describing the selling company, to the initial and day-to-day contact with buyers, advice on bids and assistance in the final negotiations. This approach allows management to focus on core operations and ensure that the operations are not affected by the ongoing sale process.

During the acquisition process, we help you analyse market drivers, identify potential target companies and make an initial contact for the purpose of exploring the possibility of initiating an acquisition process. We also collect information about the company in question and make a preliminary assessment which we use as a basis for discussion in the initial phase.

If discussions are successful, we implement a financial and tax audit (Due Diligence) to identify the risks and issues that need to be addressed in the ongoing negotiations. We make a point of driving the whole acquisition process and give you advice and support during the negotiations to help reach an agreement that takes your interests as the buyer into account.

Good advice and a wide contact network at your disposal

Privately owned companies can be put on sale for many different reasons. They include: succession planning, retirement, generating liquidity or the disposal of assets outside the core business. Whatever the reason, we approach each assignment with a customised process that is rooted in a firm understanding of your goals. When the goal is defined, we focus on understanding the business model, growth characteristics and finding out the company’s position in the industry. Through this review we can identify, analyse and explain the company’s unique value to potential buyers. Our customers derive great benefit both from our local and global sales channels. We have a long reach with over 70 offices and over 1,200 Corporate Finance specialists worldwide.

Management buy-out/management buy-in (MBO/MBI) – Secure negotiations during MBO/MBI

It can be a very rewarding yet demanding situation when one or more people in the management are to become owners of the company while continuing to manage the daily operations. We are very accustomed to negotiating and managing the entire process to ensure the best possible solution. Both the management and owners can feel confident that the negotiations and the process are handled by experienced specialists. Our team plays a proactive role in the process, which includes initially assessing the possibility of a process, offering advice during the process, assisting in the negotiations, providing consultation on funding forms and driving the process to conclusion.

Promote your sale with the right information

An Information Memorandum (IM) is your primary sell document. It needs to create an immediate impression and present your company in an enthusiastic, clear and correct manner. A well-prepared IM gives potential buyers sufficient information to obtain a clear picture of the company and enables them to make an initial bid. Before the buyer receives an IM, they must determine their interest with a teaser, a 2-page anonymised information sheet and then sign a confidentiality agreement. Our experts will help you create a clearly-defined, attractive sell document which provides a successful start to the sell process.