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10 May 2021

In this year’s customer satisfaction survey of the auditing industry, it is clear that the current pandemic has changed the playing field, just as in other parts of society.Changing customer needs, accelerated digitalisation and demands for an enhanced level of service are challenging the...

01 October 2020

The Swedish Tax Agency is focusing on reviewing all permanent establishments and branches according to the OECD Guidelines on profit allocation. Profit allocation means that a functional analysis of the entity performed, and a description of the applied transfer pricing method is performed.

08 August 2019

We have put together a selection of M&A, Transaction Services, Private Equity and Valuations deals that our teams across the globe have worked on during the last year. In Sweden we have had the opportunity to have worked with TBO-Haglinds, Welbilt, Uniflex och The Powerbox group.BDO operates in...

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